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AVG Antivirus Support

AVG Antivirus Support is here solve all your problem that you are facing with the AVG antivirus. AVG tech support team is available 24/7 so that you can contact them anytime with your issues and they will provide you with the best solution for the problem.



AVG Antivirus


AVG antivirus is a great antivirus full of features to increase the security of your system and defend you from the attacks of the virus or hacker or any threat to your data or system or privacy. Some of the best features of the AVG antivirus that makes it so much effective in protection of the system are:


  • Lets you to move protection from device to device
  • Parental control
  • Web tune-up feature
  • Tracker for smartphones and tablets
  • One solution for many devices


There were only a few of the amazing features that AVG have, here’s a quick FAQ for you to get to know more about the AVG antivirus. The list of common FAQ and their answers are:


1. What is AVG Security Scan?


AVG security scan is the scanning process of your system done by the AVG Antivirus to sweep out the suspicious files or look for the virus that might be causing a problem to your system and remove them without requiring you to do it manually or search for the virus.


2.How to install AVG Security?


You can simply install the AVG security by buying a one form online store or from the offline store, and run the setup file to install it and follow the instruction to complete the installation process, it is available for all the devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets.



3. Is AVG 360 trial is same as purchased?


No, you will get more and better features if you will purchase it and some extra features to enhance the security.


4. What is Parental Control?


Parental control is for parents to improve and ensure the safe browsing of the children in online and offline world\. It is a great feature.


These were the most common question users have about the AVG security antivirus. If you have more question about AVG nor have any query regarding it then you can get in touch with AVG customer tech support for better assistance and guidance about your query or you can also visit us at pour website.